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Dad fucks his own stepdaughter on cam

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Enzymus on 06.05.2019 в 15:22
He sends her upstairs to get dressed, but Melissa decides to masturbate instead. Karlie immediately got turned on by his huge cock, so while the parents fucked she played with herself from the corner of the room. He can't resist the urge to drive a finger deep into her naughty little twat. Then he switches positions so that she is sitting on his lap as he pistons into her greedy twat and holds her there until she starts moving with his strokes.
georgiepie on 06.05.2019 в 15:22
Then he puts her on her hands and knees, and fucks her from behind, using a belt around her throat like a harness. Rich really knows how to make an extravagant first impression. Rich filled up that tight teen pussy with throbbing step dick until Karlie finally got her oh so desired nut right to the mouth and chest. She plays along, because the camera is on. Momma was just getting reamed by Karlies new stepdad Rich.

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